Economy Pet Spa Products
We are excited to present our brand new ECONOMY line called Zoo’s! Enjoy our four gentle formulas that provide affordable solutions for stronger and softer coats, calm & hydrated skin with a fresh scent and silky feel.

• Aloe Vera helps exfoliate & hydrate skin and fur for stronger and thicker coat.
• Green Tea Shampoo with vitamins E & C rejuvenates your pet’s coat and promotes growth of soft, lustrous fur.
• Soothing and nourishing Oatmeal Shampoo is perfect for dry and itchy skin.
• Tea Tree Oil reduces skin inflammation and calms itchy & irritated skin.

*ATTN: Tea Tree Oil is only for dogs.
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Every product in our new budget 4 product line is designed to target various specific needs of your pets:

Oatmeal shampoo - to condition the skin, soften the coat, and provide relief to dry, itchy skin;

Tea Tree shampoo - to protect, soothe, and calm irritated pet’s skin;

Green Tea shampoo - to rejuvenate and strengthen your pet’s fur, and produce a smooth coat with every bath.

Aloe Vera shampoo - to promote the growth of your pet’s soft and lustrous fur, to replenish the natural moisture balance of your pet’s skin and coat while reducing pet odors.

Zoos Pet Spa Economy Line include:

4 Shampoos

  • Oatmeal Shampoo (Sizes: 500ml, 4L)
  • Tea Tree Shampoo (Sizes: 500ml, 4L)
  • Green Tea Shampoo (Sizes: 500ml, 4L)
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo (Sizes: 500ml, 4L)
Where are they manufactured?

They are manufactured in Canada by Soos Pets. This is to ensure quality control as a concentrated product is very important to both us and our customers.

What is the dilution ratio?

Up to 4:1. It depends on the individual product, the breed, water quality and the results that you are looking for.

Tea tree oil can be very strong, is it safe in your products?

In small concentrations, tea tree oil is safe for dogs and very beneficial for treating infections/ killing bacteria. We do not recommend to use this shampoo to bath cats. Our Soos Pets line has smaller concentration of Tea Tree oil that is suitable for both, dogs and cats.